Snoop on installed apps

I’ve got several snoops to sign up to loyalty schemes (e.g. KFC, Boots, Co-op). I think it would be good if Snoop can check if their apps are already installed and, if yes, not show them. Snoops will be more personalised that way I think.


Morning Hyperfeel,

thanks for your feedback! Snoop is always looking to find better ways to make sure that the insights that we present to you are personalised and relevant. The great news is that it sounds like your snoops are in these cases, it’s just that we’re a little bit late to the party.

Based on everyone’s amazing feedback, we are refining the way customers can interact with, and feedback on, snoops and included in this is a way for you to let us know that a snoop is relevant but you already do what it is suggesting. It would be amazing to hear what you think about these new interactions when they are launched in the next month or so.