Renewals due

Hi team,

I have two renewals coming up and Snoop is helpfully displaying them in the Renewals Due box on my homepage.


When I click on that box though, it takes me to the Switching page, with a little alert in the top right showing 2.

If I click on the 2, it then takes me to the Renewals Manager. This feels clunky and I would have expected Snoop to take me straight to the Renewals Manager page from the Homepage so that I can see what they are and when, then offering me the Switching page, rather than to the Switching page first?

Any thoughts of making that a bit easier to navigate?

Many thanks!


Hey @charlwillis - thanks for the feedback!

You’re right, there is definitely a more direct experience straight to the renewal manager but we also wanted to make sure we were using the opportunity to highlight our money saving / making deals en route (in case people aren’t aware of a saving they can make on another product).

How are you finding the new homescreen dashboard overall?

Thanks again - as always,


Thanks @Ross!

I am really enjoying the new homescreen! Probably largely in part because it enables me to see and access key information at a glance without having to go through too many other screens, hence why I’m probably getting annoyed with this renewals click! :laughing: