Task switching on Android

After I switch to another app and then back to Snoop, sometimes Snoop requires me to re-authenticate (fingerprint/pattern). However, what I would expect is - after auth - to be taken back to the last screen I was on. And if it’s a list screen, then the scroll position should be where I left it. It’s very annoying to have to find the exact content I was viewing.
Use case: I’m categorising transactions from “General” (un-categorised). In order to find out what a certain transaction is about, I often have to open multiple apps and collate information (my Amex, PayPal, Google Maps location history). When I have many transactions to categorise in this way (which happens a lot as I only occasionally catch up with Snoop, like once a month maybe) needing to find the same Snoop transaction details over and over again is a lot of overhead.
The Revolut app does this right for example.
Please fix!


Hi, thanks for letting us know - we’d like to take a look into this for you.

Would you mind dropping us a line at hello@snoop.app FAO Cara? We can then locate your account and see what’s happening.

Many thanks,

This has always happened for me too. Switching from Snoop to another app and back again on Android sometimes also requires me to re-authenticate (but not always and with no obvious pattern)

thanks @charlwillis - that’s really helpful. We’re taking a look at this now :relaxed: