Santander App to App

Just trying to reconnect with Santander but it loads the mobile browser login for the reauthentication journey. Have they removed app to app functionality?

Hi @Hitesh - they’ve not changed anything to our knowledge, so this is odd.

I think you’re on Android, so its worth checking the ‘Apps supported link’ settings. If you go to your phone settings, then find Santander and select ‘Set as default’, you can check ‘Open Supported Links’ is toggled on.

If that all looks ok, another thing to try is to completely close your Santander app (swiping from memory) and check you’re on the latest version, before trying again to connect from Snoop.

It might also be worth checking your default browser settings look ok.

Do let us know how you go?

thanks, Cara

Thanks Cara, looks like the update to the app fixed it.

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