Indicating that you have not switched


Is there a way to indicate that you have decided not to switch. This year, all my insurance providers have offered renewal for only a few pounds more annually and on checking comparisons there are no reasonable other deals available.

When I try indicate a “switch” the current bill provider does not come up in the list. Is there any other way or could this be changed?

Hi @Harerik - there are some big changes about to be made to the Your Bills area of Snoop on iOS. (These are already out on Android but are a couple of weeks away on iOS.)

So for now my guidance will focus on your current version of Snoop.

If you go to Your Bills via the menu at the bottom of the home screen and you tap into your existing bill in question and scroll down, you should see a link to allow you to add a contract end date - if you tap that you can set an end date in the future - say, a year away. Snoop will then remind you to check for deals nearer the time but the targeted reminders will stop. And your current payments to your bill provider will just continue to be tracked as before.

Hope that makes sense and works for you. But please do drop us a line at if you have any problems and we’ll be happy to help. Cara

Ah yes of course that makes sense, thank you

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