Bill amount changing

Hi I’ve been using Snoop for a while now but have had a couple of issues during that time. One of these is if a bill which has been the same amount regularly, changes Snoop asks me to start traking the new amount as a new bill and continues to show the old amount as expected in bills. Is there any way I can tell it this is the same bill? Previously I set up new tracking and deleted the old one but I’d prefer to be able to track a bill when it’s amount changes.

My seond issue was I’ve just changed mobile phone provider using your comparison feature but you are still telling me my contract is due to end and that I can use the comparison feature to get cashback.

Thanks for a great app.

Hi @RachelRat if you tap on the bill in the list and scroll to the bottom where it says “Something not right?”

Tap on the Contact Us link and then just explain the above points.

Our bill analysis always expects amounts to change - however if they change by a big % or if other factors change (such as the date in the month or the description), our AI can sometimes assume a 2nd bill has been started. Our team can adjust the settings behind the scenes to acomodate this.

They can also look at the reason you are getting reminders. It could be because the renewal date on the bill is still this year… you can just adjust this by tapping on the bill and scrolling down to the ‘Bill Details’ section.