Reconnecting with Tesco Credit CRd

I am having an issue reconnecting my Tesco Credit Card. It’s been showing the warning for a few days and I have been going through the reconnect process. The card was still showing as about to expire. I’ve now noticed that the same card has been added three times on the app.

Hi there @richd832

Tesco had an issue a while back which meant that when customers reconnected their cards to Snoop, they weren’t updating the ‘consent’ on the original expired account, and instead was creating a duplicate account.

They have fixed this now for any Tesco accounts being connected for the first time after their fix was implemented. But sadly, any customers who had previously connected their Tesco card (pre-fix) were going to encounter the same.

This should be pretty easy to fix though. If you go to Settings and then tap on ‘Manage Accounts’ you can tap on the 3 dots next to each of your Tesco accounts and remove them all from Snoop. Once you’ve removed them all, including the expired one, you can then connect your Tesco card afresh using the ‘+’ icon on the home screen. You should be good to go then and the issue shouldn’t recur in future.

Really sorry this bug has impacted you @richd832! And of course, do let me know if have any probs with the above.