Tesco Bank Update

Hi everyone.

Snoop can connect to Tesco Bank, but we do have one outstanding issue that impacts any Tesco Credit Card. Currently the balance we receive is based on your available credit, rather than just your spend amount, which we think is more useful!

So as an example, if you have a credit limit of £1000 and you’ve spent £90 on your card, your balance will show as £910 (i.e. what you have available to spend on your card). We want this to show this balance as £90.

Tesco are making changes to resolve this, but we are still waiting to hear from them when this change will be completed. We will update further as soon as we know more.


Thanks for this update Paul!

When I’ve had problems with Tesco in the past they’ve been pretty quick to rectify. Do we have a further update yet?

Hi - our dev team has been looking at this and in discussions with Tesco. I expect us to have an update on this by the end of the week at the latest.

I’ll be sure to post an update here either way.


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Hi - an update on this. We are introducing a change next week (exact timing TBC) which will hopefully resolve this problem. I will update more details in the next few days.


Thanks Paul!

@paul_k ooooooo. Working Tesco balances :+1:

Well spotted @Richard! I was about to post an update that this afternoon we implemented a fix to this. It also included a change for Nationwide and Santander cards.

Any accounts that refreshed around 6pm should hopefully now be correct.

Please let us know if you spot any other balance problems or, as ever, any other feedback :muscle: