Nationwide Credit Card Balances

Hi everyone. As mentioned elsewhere in SnoopSpace…

Nationwide made some changes on Tuesday and as a result we are now displaying the incorrect balance number. This will be at least double your actual balance and possibly double your available credit amount not your account balance (so sorry for any shocks when you log on and see a scary number!)

This was not an expected change, so apologies for this.

We are in discussion with Nationwide about how to get this resolved as quickly as possible. If you already have a Nationwide Credit Card linked to Snoop, no action is needed on your part - the balances will eventually automatically revert to the correct number once we’ve been able to resolve.

Transactions that are shown in the app should not be impacted by this problem.

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Hi everyone - sorry this problem has still not been resolved.

We are in discussions with Nationwide and will hope to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I’ll update here as soon as I have more useful news!

Hi everyone. Just to update you on the latest - Nationwide have confirmed:

“Our support teams are working through the design and testing the potential fix.

At the moment, I'm unable to confirm if this issue will be fixed in our April, or June release. However, I can assure you that we’re doing everything we can do get this issue fixed sooner rather than later.
As soon as I know the release date I'll let you know (I should know within the next couple of weeks).

Sorry for any problems this is causing and thanks for your patience”

We are obviously disappointed it may take many more weeks for this to get resolved, however we are very aware that all banks are under lots of pressure at the moment, due to lots of staffing challenges for obvious reasons.

Sorry this issue is still at least a few weeks away from being resolved. I will keep you updated.


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Not sure if this is the same issue but I have a nationwide credit card as well as bank account. They are connected through the same connection/app. I don’t have any transactions on the card at the moment and the card is showing a balance that is the negative value of my credit limit eg -£5,000

Hi @ToBAS - yes sadly every one of our Nationwide credit cards will be showing the wrong balance. No other products should be impacted.

We really hope Nationwide fix this soon. Understandably though, things are taking much longer than normal to get resolved at each bank.


Hi everyone - everyone at Snoop is :crossed_fingers: about this latest update from the Nationwide team today:

"Good news, our support teams have prioritised the fix for us and will incorporate it into our April release. This is due on the 27 April"

I will let you know next week

@paul_k noticed that Tesco accounts haven’t refreshed since Thursday 23rd???

@Richard sorry yes Tesco have had a problem on Thursday night. It only impacts people who have registered before that date. We have been chasing them since Friday morning on getting this resolved and I’m hoping we have an answer today.

We were going to send a message out today to all Tesco users when we knew what the timescales were for the fix.

I will update here either way.

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Perhaps I didn’t cross my fingers hard enough, because I’m afraid Nationwide had to delay their change to Monday (4th May) :man_facepalming:

I hope it doesn’t move again.

Tesco issue now resolved @Richard and all balances should have refreshed around midday.


Thanks @paul_k.

Not sure if this is Snoop or Tesco but my transaction descriptions for Tesco savings are wrong. See below - these were both faster payments, not card transactions

Thanks for letting us know about this @Richard. The problem is partly Tesco, but also on us too.

Basically we rely on certain data coming to us which isn’t always consistently populated by all the banks we work with. When we don’t get a certain data value from them, we have to make some assumptions. In this example I think we’ve made the wrong assumptions!

Would you mind selecting on one of the items and tap on ‘Help us improve this transaction’. This will launch an email with some codes on it that helps us track down what needs correcting. Just mention in the email it’s for my attention and I’ll get this sorted.


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Hi - I’m pleased to say the Credit Card balance problem has now been resolved by Nationwide.

If you think your balance is still incorrect, please can you send us the details to


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Hooray! Correct Nationwide credit card balance! Finally it shows as zero instead of -£18,000 - brilliant! :clap:t2:

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@charlwillis you were the first person I thought of when @paul_k said this was fixed! :clap::clinking_glasses:

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Hi Snoop team,

I noticed this morning that Snoop is suddenly displaying my Nationwide credit card balance as - £13.44 even though the balance is zero in my Nationwide banking app (and has been zero for months). When I go into the account in Snoop, it shows the last transactions were in March. Any ideas why the balance has suddenly changed?


Hi there @charlwillis

How very odd! Thanks for letting us know, we’ll take a look at this and will get back to you!


Thanks @cara!

@charlwillis we’re raising this with Nationwide as this value as come from them. So once we hear back from them with an explanation and a fix, we’ll drop you an email to let you know.

Sorry about that. And have a lovely weekend :sun_with_face: