Feedback plus bug

I have 4 accounts at Nationwide - all 4 have been added, however. My credit card has a positive balance of £0.01 and is showing as £-6000.01 - the credit limit plus the penny - this is obviously wrong

I have two current accounts with Nationwide, both of them are called current account on Snoop - but there does not seem to be a way for me to name them, so unless I memorise the balances, I don’t know which is which

Number if Snoops seems very high - I started off reading them one by one, then skipping some and then finally giving up before I saw them all - perhaps they will become fewer and more relevant, but it feels like overload at the moment

Otherwise all seems good so far - thanks for the invite


Hi @funemnx thanks very much for the feedback. Yes we are aware that Nationwide, Tesco and Santander credit cards are currently showing the incorrect balance in some cases (and this is normally the ‘available credit’ rather than the actual account balance). We hope to have this resolved in the next few days.

Renaming accounts is also something we are working on right now. That one will be with you in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks also for the feedback on the number of Snoops. That’s certainly something we are thinking about at the moment.

Many thanks for taking the time to feedback

Hi @funemnx

Many thanks for the feedback - very much appreciated.

On the number of Snoops, we’ve had some comments that it can feel like too much content. We are thinking really hard about this - as some people like the immediate variety, but others would rather be able to take their time with them.

I think in our enthusiasm to help everyone we’ve tried to share everything as soon as we possibly can :slight_smile: , and we’re thinking deeply about how best we do that.

So your comments are definitely noted, and we are thinking on this right now!

Glad you are enjoying Snoop so far. We really appreciate you taking the time to get involved and support us.

All the best - Paul