Payment Hub always showing Tesco Bank

Weirdly, my payment hub shows the Tesco Bank logo for every part of it. I don’t pay anything to Tesco Bank (or have Tesco Bank) so it’s a bit confusing… not sure what’s going on?

Attached an example - as a new user it wouldn’t let me attach any more. This is a payment to EE. There se others e.g. energy supplier, TV contract provider which also show as Tesco Bank.

Hi @Ronan I’m really sorry about this.

We’ve had a technical fault in the last hour that has caused this. We are fixing this right now and we’ve had to take our service down for a short while whilst we fix the problem


Oh right! Best of luck fixing it and no worries at all!

Hi @Ronan we fixed this around 8pm on Thursday so I certainly hope this were all back to normal yesterday? Let me know if not.

Sorry again for the confusion.