Transaction ID

Not sure if this is caused by Snoop or Tesco. See below - my £1 spend was actually in a car park in Basingstoke (I know, how the other half live, eh?!:yum:)

Whichever, it doesn’t help me feel that Snoop is personalised.

Hi @Richard thanks we will certainly get that one checked out.

Is it possible you can click on that transaction, then click on the link at the bottom that says ‘Help Us Improve the Logo and Name’. Then just send us the email it starts for you.

We can use the IDs on the bottom of this email to quickly find the transaction in question and look to clean it up.


Hi @Richard I’ve looked into this and I know what the problem is.

The car park in question shares the same payment system as the Norfolk one (a company called I think your bank transaction will show this as with a description that starts ‘3C_*’.

We’ve incorrectly mapped these two things together (and a number of other parking facilities who use this same system). We will get this fixed on Monday so thanks for alerting us to it!