Pay Cycle and bill warnings

I have multiple dates for income each month and have marked the desired deposits as ‘Income’, but I don’t think this accurately forecasts funds available for bills. Can Pay Cycle be developed to allow multiple Income dates to be input (also allowing the option to set an income deposit to every 4 weeks) to enable truly accurate monitoring of sufficient sums being available to pay upcoming bills?

I’ve also noticed that after a bill has been paid as its due date has passed, Snoop shows that the bill is still unpaid?

Snoop is doing a good job for me but making the above possible would be a huge improvement!

P.S. I’ve also seen the below post but I’m not sure it meets my needs - if I’ve misunderstood please help :slight_smile:


Hi @Desmondo you can only have one ‘pay cycle’ (i.e. the custom dates we use instead of calendar month to track your spending, bills and budgets).

However, you can setup as many regular income ‘rules’ as you need - these are not directly tied to the pay cycle you want to use.

To add more income rules:

  • Tap on ‘Bills
  • Tap on the account where income is paid into
  • Scroll to the bottom of the timeline and tap on ‘Add or edit income
  • Tap. on the ‘add an income’ button

We already support income rules and pay cycles for every 4 weeks.

For the bill problem, please can you contact us from the app so we can look at that specific example for you