New App Features - Bill Warnings, Timelines and Extra Paycycles

Hi everyone - just to let you know that from tomorrow we will be rolling out some exciting new features in our next app release (version 6.6).

We will start with our Android customers and iOS will quickly follow early next week.

The release includes:

1. Warnings when bills may not be covered


We will monitor your bills vs your bank account balance and warn you if we think any bills might not be covered – so you can sort it before it’s a problem.

2. A new timeline for each account where you pay bills


Snoop will create a timeline based on any income you are expecting and the bills we can see. We will show your bills vs your bank balance for the rest of the month.

  1. Snoop Plus Upgrade: Weekly and 2-weekly pay cycles

You will now be able sync the info and analysis in Snoop around a weekly or fortnightly cycle.

We hope you like the changes and please let us know what you think once you’ve given them a try?



Brilliant new feature, this is something ive been doing manually for ages as managing several pensions coming in, on different days, verses DD going out was always difficult. Thank you for saving this hassle.

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Hi iOS users.

Just to say the features described above are now available to you with our latest update (version 6.6), which has been released to the app store this evening


Like the new feature. I’ve set up my initial details. How would i go about changing or adding to them? Thanks

Hi @HMHB do you mean things like adding more income for a particular account? If you do the following:

  1. tap on any account from the homescreen
  2. tap on the card at the top of the account summary screen which summarises information about Bills for that account
  3. this will show you the account timeline

From there, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can add more bills (if our AI has not spotted them automatically) or setup additional income that is relevant to that account.

Hopefully that’s what you mean, but let me know if not.


Yes, that was what i meant.

Great. I can see how that works now.


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