Adding multiple incomes

The ability to add multiple incomes would be great. I get paid on 20th or previous working day and my partner gets paid on 26th or previous working day. Because of this, our bills tab says we won’t be able to afford the upcoming bills as our second income has not came in yet and the app only tracks the first for the pay cycle.

Hi @ShortJames98,

We do offer the option to add an additional income, all you need to do is tap on the bank account the income is paid into, then tap on the box towards the top that references ‘Bills covered/Bills not covered’ - this will take you to the bills timeline. From here, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the option to ‘Add income’.

If you run into any issues or have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us on

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I can see the Add income but the Income I want to add isn’t listed? I’ve double checked it’s categorised as Income.

Hi @stevep is that income transaction you are looking from from the last 8 weeks?

Could you send us an email at with the specific details so we can take a look for you?


Ability to add an income to a non bill paying account

Hi @Puresix

Thank you for the suggestion!

At the moment and as you’ve probably noticed, you are only able to add scheduled income/s to an account that has a bill set up and also has the bill protector feature turned on.

We’ve designed it this way as one of the benefits of the bill protector is that it allows you to see an estimated balance before and after any upcoming bills.

If there aren’t any bills on the account, there’s no purpose for this feature to be enabled as the app won’t be able to estimate your balance later in the month(or pay cycle if you have it set this way) as it is only ad-hoc spending that’ll take place as opposed to regular payments.

Also, as your balance will update once your income has been credited to your account, there isn’t a need, that we can currently see, to have your income scheduled on a non-bill paying account within the app.

With this in mind however, you can still categorise the relevant payments as income so your spending and budgeting are excluding these payments.

I hope this helps explain why it works this way however, if you can share any reasoning as to why it would be helpful to see this implemented in Snoop, please do let us know and we can re-evaluate this.

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