Assigning transactions to a paycycle

This is a very minor thing, but it bugs me that because my paycycle can change each month, a bill or two might be paid twice in the same paycycle.

It would be a great quality of life improvement to have the option to click on a transaction and apply it to last/next month’s paycycle so that my numbers line up perfectly.

The only option there seems to be for this currently is to limit how smart Snoop is and not tell it that my pay will come through early if payday falls on a weekend or bank holiday. But then I don’t get the benefit of the exact cycle.


thanks for the comments @Autumndragonfly

This feedback has been shared with the team. Your point makes total sense.

+1 for this one ^

I typically get paid on the last Thursday of any given month. I also created a ‘bill’ that is a manual payment I send to my wife to pay household bills, the date of this lump-sum will be the date of the salary payments, which changes month to month