Bills Timeline

The bills timeline is an excellent feature but letting me know what bills are payable weekly isn’t as helpful as monthly, ideally following my pay cycle that I’ve setup.

Something for a future release perhaps.



Hi Ian,

Thank you for you message.

The Bills Timeline on each account should show any bills that are active for the pay cycle you have set up. If the bills have already been paid in the current pay cycle they will show on the timeline under the text ‘View paid bills’. If you are still running into any issues or have any further queries on this please do not hesitate to drop us an email at and we can assist you further.


I think you’ve missed my point. The timeline only screen says this weeks bills. Would be great if it used the paycycle. see attached

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Hi Ian,

Thank you for the information you have provided. Apologies, I thought you were on the bills timeline page itself. I will certainly share your feedback about how this is presented on the home screen with our development team and we can look into improving this in future.