Change date for viewing bills up to?

Is there a way to change the date of when I view bill up to. It currently tells me what bills I have left for the month (eg January) but I get paid on the 10th of the month, soon to be 4 weekly, not on the 31st/1st.

As it is it’s only telling me till the end of the month - I can’t see what bills are due up till I get paid. Which is bloody annoying because Feb will arrive and snoop will tell me that I have another set of bills to pay and I’ll be skint because I’ll have thought that they’d been paid

Does that make sense?

Hey @CeeLou

Totally understand your point.

Right now this isn’t possible in Snoop - you can only see payments by calendar month. But we’re working on some exciting new features right now and being able to set your own pay cycle forms part of this. These will be coming in the next couple of months.

So once ready, everything you’re asking for will fall into place :blush:



Any news on this?

Hey @Lauramg - this coming in a few months as part of a broader set of features.

The roadmap is here → Snoop | Product features