Link Transactions with Payment Hub

good morning,

A suggestion: Let’s say you have a Motor Insurance which doesn’t come up when you try to add it through the Payment Hub.

A potential solution, on any transaction - when you drill down into it there could be an option to carry that transaction through to the Payment Hub and convert it into a policy.

For example:
on your credit card you have a transaction to “SomeInsurer” for £250.
Drill into it, have the option to say “This is a policy”. Click on it, it opens up the “Add A product” window - you select what type of policy it is, while the amnt + name is kept behind the scenes to autofill the subsequent fields.
You could also make an assumption that it is a 1Y policy, so you can carry through the payment date +1year as a stab at the termination date of the contract.

Somewhat related:: Search functionality of transactions would be handy, so people can look for previous specific payments to convert into policies.

Love the app and look foward to future updates!

Kind regards


Hi @Masterpop!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give your feedback.

It’s a great idea, and something we’re definitely looking to address as we look to both enhance our identification of regular payments and find ways for our users to mark transactions as policies themselves. :smile:

Thank you for your continual support! If you have any other ideas, please let us know :snoop:

Kind regards, and stay safe.


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