Payment Hub

It is great we can add another product, However, I would like the option to remove or hide payment categories not relevant to me, for example life insurance or mortgage. That way I don’t have to scroll past those categories which are empty.


Hey @Bjaich !

Thank you for getting in touch. We’re always thinking of ways we can make the Payment Hub more personalised, and this may well be an approach we pursue in the future.

We originally decided to keep all the payment cards visible so that Snoopers could quickly access our full suite of switchable products if they ever needed them. However we understand that for some users, certain products might only become important on rare occasions, if ever.

Nonetheless, we will certainly give this some thought and we really appreciate you sharing the idea.



I strongly support this suggestion. Not ll of us have a ‘standard’ lifestyle, there’s a huge variety, so the ability to change the way we record or finances needs to be as flexible as possible. Being able to get unintersting categories off our individual screens is almost as important as being ble to add new categories that match our personal life styles.