I've just switched bank account, how will transactions linked to my old account be kept?

Hi, I’ve just switched accounts but am unsure what will happen to my transactions linked to my old account if I remove it? I’d like to keep the history and a link to where the transactions came from. Will I lose these or is there a process to handle this situation?

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Hi @Rilhia - if an account is removed from Snoop, we delete all the historic transactions for that account too.

So if you want to keep these transactions for your analysis, it’s best to leave these accounts connected and just ignore the reminders about reconnecting these.


Thanks for letting me know @paul_k. Could a feature be added for this scenario? So that you can deactivate the account and leave it in a static state with no reminders? I imagine it would free up a load of failed API calls from your end to gather data on accounts that no longer exist.

Hi @Rilhia it’s something we’ve got on our longer wish list.

We don’t have any failed API calls though - we can only interact with your bank if we have a current permission record (called a ‘consent’ record at your bank). We don’t ask for data if that date is in the past.

So you as the account holder are always in control of this - each time you reconnect your account this extends the date when we can receive information. These accounts will stay on our platform, but they just won’t ever receive any new data.


Fair enough. I was concerned that reminder notifications may be triggered by banks declining access. If this is something on your radar, I am sure I can put up with a few reminders for a while.