Downgrading a credit card - duplicate transactions

Hi, I was using a Barclaycard account with Barclays avios plus card before. Recently I downgraded the card (to a Barclaycard avios card - no plus) and the account stopped syncing.

So I added the new card by connecting barclayCard account again. Now I have the transactions for new card, but since it is the same account as before, all the old transactions of the plus card are also visible for this.

I now have two cards - one not syncing and has all old transactions and another syncing but also has old transactions.

I could remove the old card. The new card also has same transaction history but then I lose all the customizations done over the year for the old card like excluding transactions, categorising them and all.

Is there a way to say Snoop to use the new cards transactions from just this month and don’t use old history?

Sorry for the long post.

Hi @adsfgvc,

You are correct to not delete the original bank account, good news is that we can sort this for you. If you could pop an email in to then we can resolve this.

All the best,