Why am I seeing more transactions in the app?

I’ve connected Barclaycard to Snoop. Barclaycard’s app and Snoop agree on the balance including pending transactions. However, and this is a glaring example, Snoop shows more transactions.

We bought 2 new phones at weekend, £900. Barclaycard refused it twice because we didn’t notice a text from them on my wife’s phone asking to confirm its us making the payment.

Barclaycard only shows the successful transaction and the numbers add up. Snoop shows the 2 declined transactions with no indication they were declined. The balance it shows is correct, it would be very obvious if it included an extra £1800!

@ToBAS really sorry to hear there seems to be something wrong with your transaction view.

Would you mind dropping us a line at hello@snoop.app (including the email address you registered for Snoop under) so we can look into this for you? thanks

Hi @ToBAS - I will send you an email on this too, but just in case others are interested…

This currently happens with two of our banks: Monzo and Barclaycard. For some reason both banks are sending us any declined payment as a ‘pending’ transaction. For us, these transactions look no different to a genuine pending transaction, so we have no way of excluding these.

The banks are supposed to exclude these declined transactions from the data they send us. We have raised this with both banks to try and get his resolved.

The transactions will automatically remove after a few days (we expect a pending item to either be ‘confirmed’ by then or assume it will not be processed so we remove it).

Thanks, shame they can’t flag them as cancelled because it would actually be good to see them. You are showing us more then Barclaycard!

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