Copy on importing screen

Hi - i think the copy should say ‘… give me a few minutes’… not ‘give me a minute’. it’s just that if you are linking large accounts like my current account it actually takes a few minutes. @Ross

Hi @natz - great suggestion. Unfortunately we don’t know how long it will take to link your account as, like you said, it is dependent on how many transactions you have in your account. So for some users the word ‘minute’ will be accurate and for others, like you, ‘minutes’ would be a better reflection. We will analyse the data related to how long it takes on average to link an account and update the wording accordingly. Thanks!

Hey @natz @Ross one thing I thought about that import screen, was it’s kind of fine it it takes a while, but maybe we should say to the customer that it’s ok to background the app to do other stuff while it’s doing it’s thing if the analysis on timing says its a few mins more often than not? Ideally we’ll send a notification when it’s finished but can’t yet. But in the meantime at least the person knows it won’t mess anything up if they switch to another app for a while?

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Notification would really be ideal please.

This has been done now for both iOS and Android. Shout if it doesn’t do the job for you :slight_smile:


I did wonder when I was on this screen if we needed some kind of indication that something was happening…assume the little snoop icon should be an animated ‘thinking’ snoop so the body element is moving.

Something to show it hasn’t just crashed…

And…after the fixed time period has elapsed should we move people onto the home screen automatically and show the account in the importing state?

we’ve designed a new linking flow that we hope is a much better experience - should be rolled out in the next build, let me know what you think!