Bill recognition & SumUp

I have a number of transactions that show for example as “D Smith” that relates to ‘different merchants’ (for example different banks and internal transfers. but also some transactions for example via SumUp are showing up with the same Merchant description (on my Amex).

The issue is I want one particular SumUp payment to show up as a reoccurring bill. The issue is that Snoop is categorising anything with “D Smith” as the same, and not everything is a bill. How can I get it to recognise just a particular transaction/s as a monthly bill, the ‘transaction description’ shows as SumupDSmith*Leeds (this is an example!) but the ‘header’ is showing in Snoop as “D Smith”.

What can I do to get this particular transaction to show as a reoccurring bill expense?

Hi @Foxinthecity - we deliberately strip-off payment processors such as SumUp, PayPal, Curve etc from descriptions leaving on the remaining text to spot the underlying merchant.

I can see from your transactions that we are doing this correctly. I can see lots of different merchants where SumUp has been used and all of these have correctly shown the actual firm as the merchant.

I can find one transaction on 25th March which had SUMUP and we have correctly stripped off the SUMUP and PLACE parts of this. Is that the one you think is wrong? It’s tricky to know what we could do differently here.

Can you drop me a line at and mention this thread so I can talk to you about your specific transactions (rather than me sharing any personal data on this public forum).