Ability to manually correct merchant

Hi Snoop team!

I would love to see the ability to manually adjust/correct/assign the merchant for specific transactions. Here are some examples from my experience using the app to better illustrate what I am looking for:

  1. I have a NatWest current account which will round up transactions and transfer this amount to one of my NatWest savings accounts. On Snoop, these transfer transactions appear to have identified from NatWest’s transaction description (“ROUND UP TO [XXXX]”) a completely separate merchant with the name Roundups, and has added their logo to all of these transactions. However, the correct ‘merchant’ in this situation is NatWest Bank (or more accurately, myself, who holds an account with NatWest). Related to this, it would be great to (within Merchants) distinguish between entities (businesses, councils, etc) and individuals (friend, family, etc.). For example, I made transfer to a friend with the reference “TOPGOLF”, snoop consequently assigned the merchant to be Topgolf, even though this was actually a transfer to an individual’s bank account

  2. I have only ever paid council tax to one council, however, some transactions were paid with a direct debit, and some with a bank transfer. This created two separate merchants (I assume due to different transaction descriptions), manually adjusting the merchant would allow me to correctly combine these transactions. There have also been many other example where I have paid through different methods to the same business, but two different merchants are generated in snoop (e.g., paying for a bus ticket on the bus or through the app).

  3. I have a Starling saving space with the name of a particular merchant. On snoop, any transfers to this saving space will show up as a transaction to that merchant. Ideally, similar to example 1, the ‘merchant’ here should be myself.

I hope I was able to explain what I mean clearly. Thanks!


This would be good for me. I use our village shop and depending which credit / debit card I use, I get a different name. So if i filter by name, i get 3 totals

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Hi @Rodrigo - we currently don’t enable changes to merchants in app, but we certainly can make the changes you describe. Just tap on any transaction that isn’t right and find the option on the right in a little card that says ‘Something not right’

If you follow the link there and submit an email to us with the details we will get this corrected for you.

In particular for larger merchants which lots of our customers would use (like your council example) - we want to ensure these corrections are made for everyone.


Hi @paul_k - thanks for your response :grin: I will look to use the feature you mentioned to correct the types of transactions I mentioned.

Are there any plans to enable the ability to change merchants within the app at some point in the future? I can understand that the app may use merchant information to generate analytics and provide information for articles (e.g., “you are in the bottom 25% who spend at Amazon” etc.), so perhaps implementing it so that manually adjusting the merchant is a purely local change for that individual user might be a good compromise (as this won’t affect the underlying analytics)?

This might also be a good way to collect information on which merchants are being manually adjusted the most and to what merchant most individuals correct specific transactions to (full disclaimer: I have practically no programming knowledge so I have no idea if this is even possible :sweat_smile:).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Rodrigo we don’t have any plans to do this at the moment.

Merchant data is such a critical thing for us that we have people in our team focussing on this - including correcting duplicates etc based on what customers tell us. Merchants certainly don’t make it easy as they often use lots of different descriptions across all the payments they receive (added to that each bank has it’s own way of using this data!).

So the approach we’ve taken so far is - make it easy for customers to tell us when something is not right and then our team work to improve this so all customers get the immediate benefit.