Addition of Amazon purchase data for categorisation

Is there anyway to add Amazon purchase data for categorisation?

Yes, we do tend to buy quite a few items from Amazon :slight_smile:

It’d be great if there was some way to automatically categorise based on what the items were
Currently we just have a lot of “Shopping” … OK, it is “shopping”, but for what?

Hi @steveculshaw there is no way to get to this information automatically (it’s not the sort of data Amazon would probably like to share).

However, what we have done recently is added the ability to capture ‘notes’ on any transaction. The reason we did that was for things like Amazon transactions where you might want to make a manual note of what it was for.

Just tap on the transaction and scroll to the bottom of the details page and you will see the notes section. Once added, these notes appear in the transaction list so you can see them as you scroll through.


Nice one Paul