Advice on Using Amazon Purchase Data for Data Analytics Projects

Hey all,

I am currently exploring the integration of Amazon purchase data into my data analytics projects and would love some guidance and insights from this community;. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how to effectively use this data for categorization and analysis purposes. I came across this post about the addition of Amazon purchase data for categorization; Addition of Amazon Purchase Data for Categorisation;, and it sparked a lot of ideas.

However, I am relatively new to this area and am looking for a comprehensive guide or tutorial that can help me get started. While searching online, I found this Data Analytics Tutorial; Data Analytics Tutorial, which seems quite helpful.

Could anyone share their experiences or best practices on integrating and analyzing Amazon purchase data? Are there specific tools or methods you would recommend? Additionally, if you have any feedback on the tutorial linked above or other resources, please share with me, I appreciate it!! :blush: