Data extraction from common Shopping portals

Hi there,

Any thought been put in to extracting data from big common online shops?

I’m thinking order history from the likes of Amazon, eBay, etc.

A lot of this spend requires manual categorisation as the underlying item being bought is not in the credit card description. So typically this would end up under “Shopping”.

I think this would help in providing better snoops and provide better insights in to spend (alongside the additional generic categories I suggested in another post).


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@pr4vst3r another great idea.

This is something we’ve thought about in the past as there are obviously lots of challenges to accessing this lower level data. But options are out there to do this via commercial agreements, partnerships or some clever development by Snoop. It’s quite a way off for us, but is something we’ve certainly not ruled out so thanks for raising it as we agree it would help with Snoop personalisation hugely.

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