Automatic transaction category

Hi there, and thanks for a really useful app.

My question relates to the automatic category assigned to a transaction.

Is there anyway to “refine” this?

Specific example … we buy various things from Amazon, but they all get the same category, albeit one transaction might be some clothing, and another might be some food.

I’ve been able to split out our “book” purchases, as the name is “Amazon Digital”, but the rest are just from “Amazon”


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Hi @steveculshaw

At the moment we assign categories based on our own rules - or if you’ve set a merchant to have a category in the app we will always use that (this is set when you change the category on ‘all transactions’ for a merchant).

We split out some of the bigger retailers - for things like Amazon Prime, Amazon Digital etc into individual merchant records. However, that’s only possible if the transactions we get for those merchants provide that level of information. Sadly for us - things like supermarkets and general retailers don’t tend to give us anymore detail for to us to use.

So for example - we can split out ‘Tesco Subscription’ from ‘Tesco’ as people who have delivery subscriptions have certain transaction descriptions. However we can’t separate out the more general shopping that is done within a Tesco store.

The other part to your question - currently we can only have a single category on a transaction. That’s something we are certainly considering for the future though.