Account details provided before App Biometric login

Afternoon Guys - just connected my first account from Santander and was provided with account details before being asked for Santander App biometric login. Any ideas why?

Hi @DMG - each bank has it’s own way of authenticating for any new open banking permission you give.

The typical process is:

  • you select your bank on Snoop
  • we take you to that bank’s mobile app (if they support this - if not we take you to their online banking service)
  • If it’s the app, it should already know ‘who’ you are, but still need you to ‘authenticate’ it is really you
  • that would normally happen next, with you being asked to ‘authenticate’ using whatever approach the bank normally uses. Normally biometric such as TouchID or FaceID or the Android equivalents
  • they then present a list of accounts you can give your permission to share with Snoop

From your message, it sounds like some of the above happened in a different order? Have I understood correctly?

Unfortunately once we pass control over to the bank, we are not able to see what’s happening or which steps they are asking you to take. The Open Banking security is designed that way so we never see anything about your banking credentials.

Did the account linking complete correctly for you after these steps?


Exactly that @paul_k, I received accounts first then authentication. Account connected correctly following that :+1:t2:

Is it possible @DMG that you had logged into Santander’s app recently (and was still open in the background) and hence it didn’t make you log back in to see your accounts?

That’s the only reason I can think of as to why they didn’t make you do this upfront before you could pick from an account list. The authentication after that would be something they do on top of this.