Hi. I’m really keen to start using Snoop but you don’t support my bank, Triodos! What’s going on?

Hi @Sam

At the moment we do not have the ability to connect with Triodos Bank, however we have been speaking with our Open Banking partner (Tink) for Triodos to be made available to us and we have been informed they are now working on building the links to the Triodos Open Banking service (APIs). Once Tink make Triodos available to us, we will be in a position to look to make them an available provider in Snoop (following some checks/testing our end to ensure everything is working well).

I’m afraid we don’t have an exact timescale yet - but it’s one of the next banks we want to connect with and we hope to connect with Triodos by early 2024. We will let customers know when Triodos is available by including it in a Snoop and we will include it in here on our SnoopSpace forum.

Please also feel free to contact us if you want an update at any point.

All the best,