Switch broadband keep email

Any snoop for switching broadband but keep emails.
We as a family have historical @ntlworld.com accounts.
I have moved most of my accounts to @gmail but the family are reluctant to spend the time.
If we leave virginmedia we lose our email addresses after three months.
I am concerned that our email addresses could be claimed by a scammer and accounts compromised.
Is there a way of keeping email addresses when changing provider?

It depends on the suppliers rules. If you go into the settings you should be able to close the email account. For security, we change our emails regularly and use only one for money and that is emptied every night. We were hacked ten years ago and since then our security is very strict.
If you can’t close the email account, just change the password to very long, start two step locking and never use it again after deleting it from all your accounts.

Long story short, NO. That’s the ISP way to “keep you” as customer.

Back in the days my email address was related to an Italian ISP (Tin.it) but I decided to switch to something “gmail” or “hotmail”, basically UNRELATED to the isp itself. Now I am free to go wherever I want, my email won’t change.