Snooping Credit Scores & reference agencies

I’m not sure if this is in Snoops plans but I just thought that I would suggest it.

Maybe, in the future it would be good if Snoop could connect to the 3 major Credit Score companies and show the score from all 3 to show the differences, then if the scores are low, because Snoop will have a good idea of all my finances and spending history perhaps it could suggest ways to get the scores improved.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but there may also be a way to link in with the credit reports to report on anything causing problems with things like addresses and voting registers etc.

Apologies if this is already happening or planned etc.


Hey @Leighton, that’s a really nice idea. We’ve had a bit of a chat about the potential for Snoop to provide credit scores to customers here:

But to know that (and builds on that) would be of interest to you as well is great. We’ll add to the backlog for consideration. thank you :blush:

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Thanks Cara, I did take a quick look to see if it had already been suggested but obviously missed that, better to have 2 than none I suppose and in time with a bit of history behind it, I think it would be a great addition.