Credit Score

Hi There,

I recently moved to the UK, less than 4 months, and I am using the only fintech as a primary bank(Monzo and Revolut), which before didn’t have a link to credit score companies. I saw recent news from Monzo they will start sending data to Experian and before for TransUnion, which means just Equifax is out of this data…
So far I was not able to have a credit score, which is a trouble to get loans or mortgage later.

Any plans that snoop support on credit score later?That will be really cool and for sure help new people moving to UK like me. :slight_smile:

Hey @brunosmm

We love Monzo here at Snoop. :heart_eyes: And we saw their news about providing free credit scores - anything that empowers people to use their own data for their own benefit is brilliant. Great to hear it would be of interest to you (& welcome to the UK!).

This idea along with many others are options for Snoop and are in our thinking, so definitely one we’ll be considering in the future. thanks!