Great app! Blocked from Emma

Came across your app yesterday after Emma introduced new fees.

Brilliant competition and great app! Added many accounts flawlessly thanks!!

On Emma’s forum they had a Snoop feedback thread - I mentioned I was unhappy with their new fees and preferred Snoop now but in a nice way and said thanks to them for the last 3 years.

They had the audacity to delete my post and block my account!! Woww! Why have a thread about their competition and block any user who talks on it??
I think the CEO is making rather bad decisions there.


:wave: @Cjdc24

Thanks for trying out Snoop!

We hope you continue to enjoy our app and sorry to hear you’ve not had a great experience elsewhere.


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Are you getting more users registering for your app since Emma reduced bank logins to just 2 free now?

I imagine some will move over.
Users mentioning your app on their community forum were getting blocked and posts removed. They closed any threads related also.

Hey @Cjdc24 - we’re always super happy to welcome new users to Snoop wherever they come from :blush:

How are you finding Snoop now you’re a few days into using the app?