Snoop Userbase Information to add context to retailer ranking

Hi, i have a question about adding some context to the Snoops about being in the top or bottom % of the Snoop userbase in spending at certain retailers.

Would it be possible for Snoop to share some anonymised information about the ages, income, family setups and geographic spread of the Snoop userbase. Without this is impossible to know if being in the top 15% of the Snoop userbase at a particular retailer is normal or if you’re completely insane and need to cut back!

For example, if you’re in the top 15% of spending at a particular supermarket but you do all of your shopping there… That’s something you need to look at if most other Snoop users are also shopping mostly at a single supermarket but if lots of the Snoop userbase are London based, where I imagine there is more choice of supermarket and more use of smaller convenience supermarkets, it might not be too much of an issue.

Basically, is there a way you can tell me if the Snoops about how I rank against other Snoop users at particular retailers are an issue or if I don’t need to worry about them!

Would it be good to have money spent at a retailer expressed as a percentage of income. Then compared with the average of all Snoop users