Snoop personalisation

An idea to make Snoop a bit more personal to the user.

On the login screen where Snoop says “Hi {name}”, could he not maybe instead go with a “Good Morning/Good Afternoon {name}”?

I know it’s a small thing; but the small things matter just as much as the big ones!

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Hey Ryan,

hope you had a great weekend. Nice suggestion - will add it to the list.



Cheers @Ross!

Had a good weekend thanks. Hope you did too! :grin:

@ryev Great idea Ryan, I like this too and think it would look good when people start the app especially new users for the first time, makes it feel like your personal app. You could include Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening etc too

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With regards to @ryev idea (which is great) to make Snoop even more personalised I think it would look good to have Snoop say ‘Happy Birthday Name’ etc and this can be expanded to others to like Merry Christmas, Happy Easter etc in the future (I know you have lots to do before this)

Another thing that Monzo does is add county flags to the app on set days e.g. Welsh Flag on St David’s day etc and you could add a little message saying ‘Happy St David’s Day to all our Welsh Snoopers’ etc (others countries are available) just a little future idea


Great idea @Leighton - I too love the way Monzo does this.