Face/Touch ID

Hey guys.

Loving Snoop so far; however one thing I’m not loving is the retro having to type your pin in to get inside!

Can we look at adding Face/Touch ID to unlock the app?



Great to hear you’re enjoying Snoop! :snoop:

We hear you completely! It drives me mad having to key in my login PIN too :blush:

Face/Touch ID is a priority for us and we hope to have delivered in the next couple of weeks. Do keep an eye out for our release notes which will be posted in the forum for news on what features we’re deploying and also which are coming soon.

Really appreciate your feedback!


To build on @ryev’s point, are there alternative login methods coming? What happens when I forget my pin? Is there some security in place that triggers on X number of wrong entry attempts?

@Richard right now, we have PIN, with face/touch id coming soon.

If you don’t want to use face/touch ID and you forget your PIN (or forget it before we’ve enabled biometrics on Snoop), you would just need to email us at hello@snoop.app and we’ll let you know what you need to do. Of course, eventually, we’ll have all login reset features enabled in the Snoop app, but right now in Beta, these are coming soon :grinning:

Thanks for your comments!

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