Snoop App Roadmap

Hey Snoopers,

a few of you have been asking about what Snoop’s working on just now so I thought it was worthwhile posting a link to the roadmap on the website.

please let us know if you have any questions, comments or observations on it as the most important thing is that Snoop is working on delivering the features and experiences that will provide the most value to our amazing customers. :heart:




I didn’t know about the reward miles. How can I connect my Avios?

Likewise I didn’t know this either. How does Snoop spot which reward miles were collecting?

Hi Kumagoro! You can’t connect your Avios account to Snoop - but what Snoop can work out is that if you spend regularly on British Airways or if in future you connect a BA Amex Card that you collect Avios. Snoop will then point out Avios earning opportunities at places you spend through things like the BA E-shop. Basically Snoop works out the currencies (like Avios, or Nectar points) you are likely to collect and then points out earning opportunities to you. Paul

Evening @charlwillis. Basically Snoop aims to work out your reward miles through your spend behaviours. So if you spend a lot at Tesco, it assumes you collect Clubcard points. Ditto Nectar for Sainsbury’s. If you spend on BA it assumes you collect Avios etc etc. (It also spots if you have a Lloyds Avios Credit Card) It isn’t perfect - but it’s a good proxy. Snoop then looks for opportunities where you spend where you might be missing out on points (eg if you used the BA E-store to make purchases) and also how you might be more efficient (eg using Tesco Clubcard Boost). Like everything with Snoop, it’s getting smarter - and will continue to do so, but this is the basic premise of how Snoop spots reward schemes. Paul

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Thank you @PaulL. I look forward to all the clever suggestions Snoop will make once my BA Amex card is connected then!

Thank you.

Snoop will do its best! :+1:

Enjoyed the ‘New App update’ email this morning even if the example used harks back to a time when overseas travel was actually a thing :wink:


Hi Charlotte. Snoop’s very hopeful that at some point it will be a thing again - and when it is, Snoop’s poised to spot those tricky charges. :slight_smile: Paul