Smartphone Based Banks

I looked for a section to share thoughts, couldn’t find one! So in my defense of posting in this section is that could be an idea!
I have been wondering after many discussions with people are smartphone based banks denying their service to people who struggle with ID such as passports and driving licences!
That is I think fair to say what standard high street banks encountered.
So high street banks started accepting other forms of ID / documents, much easier for high street to do of course! However challenger banks are meant to be better, so what do fellow snoopers think challenger banks could do to include those people?


I think it’s important that they ensure the identity is confirmed properly.

Various ways this can be done, eg via the electoral roll etc.

Another thing they could do is, much like Barclays Cheque service (scanning it), a lot of companies like Tesco and Ladbrokes are using an online facilitator to check documents where you can upload addresses documents etc and they check it and confirm or not whether it’s real.


Yes a proper identity is important in opening an account with a phone app bank.

A facilitator such as the post office or yoti