Quidco snoop amount changes

Hi there I noticed this morning that the amount that the quidco snoop said I’m missing out on changed. If it had gone up over time that might make sense (although I’m an avid quidco user so probably not true) but in this instance the amount has gone done. This snoop would be better by the way of it showed the calculation. As I said i use quidco but I’m not infallible so of I’ve missed something it would be good to know

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Hi David. Thanks for the feedback. The figure will change because it runs for the past 12 months, so as you add new transactions and drop old ones at the end of the 12 month time window, the ££ calculated will adjust. It’s quite challenging to show the calculation because we literally scan Quidco’s 3,500 merchants and calculate a ££ benefit for each one. That said, we are working on a Snoop set which show you the places to make sure you use Quidco at so you don’t lose out - we just need to schedule development of those. Hope that makes sense! Paul