Oops, wages or spending

I work for a large supermarket and find my wages show up as groceries.

Hi Hans,

Oh dear, that’s certainly not ideal - definitely something we need to correct!

Please could you press onto one of your wage transactions, and press the button toward the bottom of the screen which says ‘Help us improve the logo and name’. This will launch an email to: ‘transactions@snoop.app’ - if you could please send that over to us with a little information about your issue, then we’ll get that sorted asap.

Thank you!

Yes will do.

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Ha, I think it has put all my wages and purchases into groceries as groceries from the supermarket is massive!! Like £40000plus.
However, happy days I do like Snoop and cheers to everyone on the project.

Nightmare :man_facepalming:

We’re really sorry for this problem - looking forward to getting it sorted for you.

Thank you for being on board!