Nova Money

Is the team aware of Nova Money?

I think they provide something similar to what Snoop does but I think it would be useful to some ideas from them such as the goal setting, “buckets” and the academy/learning section.

Also some of the data visualization of the all is top notch! I like Snoops simplicity and clarity however I cannot deny Nova UI is a lot “sexier”

Hi @MBA1413 thanks for flagging this to us.

Yes we are aware of that app. It’s always great to see examples of features our customers would like to see in future versions of Snoop. We certainly intend to do more with budgeting and goal setting in future.


Are you aware of their app name on Google play? …

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Thanks @simonhunter87

Naming like this is an advertising technique that some app developers use. I’m not sure how thrilled Yolt will be to see this :wink: