How to Set Up Personalized Savings Goals in the Snoop App?

Hey everyone! :smiley:

I Just joined the Snoop fam :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I’m super stoked to finally take control of my finances! One thing that really caught my eye is the ability to set up personalized savings goals. However, I’m a total Snoop newbie and could use some pointers on getting started.

Anyone out there a Snoop wiz :heart_eyes: who can help a fella out? Here’s what I’m curious about:

  • Goal Creation Bootcamp: How do I craft a brand new savings goal and make it work for me?
  • Tracking My Progress: What are some good ways to keep an eye on how close I’m getting to those goals within the app?
  • Snoop Hacks: Any secret tips or tricks to supercharge my savings goals with Snoop? Let me know!
  • Account All-Stars: Can I link my savings goals to specific accounts or transactions to make tracking progress automatic? That would be sweet!

I also check this source :point_right: kickstart your savings with these easy challengeslooker but I have not found any solution.

Basically, any advice from seasoned Snoop users would be a lifesaver.

Thanks in advance for the help! :innocent:

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Ali Ambere :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: