Setting a budget - can't set to £0

I’m using snoop on a daily basis, a convert after MoneyDashboard closed and have snoop premium.

When setting a budget, I use a spreadsheet which I then transfer the figures into snoop. However, for example I have set my income as £2000 but I can’t set my overall budget to come to £2000…

Income - £2000

Mortgage - £1500
Shopping - £500 - it won’t let me set 500, only 499.99 as it says I’ve reached my maximum budget.

I’m having to increase my maximum budget by 1p to allow me to do the exact amount.

Hi @beanlovin I suspect something is rounding incorrectly here as you should be able to make the amounts tally to the penny.

Can you send us the details by contacting us via the app or just email so we can get this resolved for you.