New Release - December 19

Hi Snoop Troop

Big day today with the latest release of the dazzlingly spectacular Snoop app to Test :snoop: :facepunch:

You should soon all be receiving instructions on how to access the app where you’ll find the following supported features:

  • Register for Snoop
  • Link an account
  • View transaction list for linked account
  • View snoop feed on homescreen
  • Provide feedback on Snoops from feed or in the detailed view
  • Pin Snoops
  • Login and Logout

So don’t be shy, give them a try and let us know what you think.

Thank you :star2:

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Hi Snoopers!

We now have a version of the IOS app that we are ready to share in test flight. There are actually two different paths for distributing the app in TestFlight:

  1. You need to register as an apple developer and have immediate access to the app. This means you get a link to setup an account with Apple using your snoop email address. We can only do this for 25 users.

  2. You can wait a little longer (1-2 days) to be invited as an ‘external tester’. Anyone can be setup to have this (and this the approach we will use for our closed user group). The app is currently with Apple for their app store review - hence the small delay.

Let me know if you are keen to get moving now and you are happy to follow path 1 :slight_smile:

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Thanks @pk! I’m happy to wait if others are wanting to go the apple dev route :slight_smile:

@paul_k Could I be added as a developer please :slight_smile: keen to get checking our Push Notification setup :slight_smile: My already is an apple developer account.

Option 1 please and thank you (@Cara did you know posts have to be at least 20 chars?)

No, thanks @jem I didn’t - will amend today. Also there’s a min topic character length of 14 as well so will change that too. Thanks

Running build 92…Very exciting!

I have had my first crashes though…Sitting on the home screen and then tapping an account (I have 2 HSBC accounts linked) tapping on of them has made the app crash completely. Not had that happen before. And it’s happened twice this morning already.

Filed the crash report via TestFlight but it doesn’t show a huge amount of helpful information in the developer TestFlight console.

ID: 5438e8d4ac254d5c8bc07f66fb07d304
iOS 12.2.3
iPhone 11 Pro

Thanks Ant

@paul_k @Ross in case you don’t know

Thanks @Antony @Cara - will take a look at this today. Pretty certain this will be fixed by some updates in the next build but will confirm when we know.

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Just to confirm, everyone should now have the app to play with. Apple approved our submission so away we go :grinning: :muscle:

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