Multiple Accounts

I have an LPA over an account that’s with the same bank as myself. Using Google Duo, I have 2 copies of the same banking app, one which connects to my account and the other to the LPA account which I use to check there’s nothing suspicious going on. I sometimes pay their online bills or transfer money from their account when I’ve been shopping for them and used my card.

I want to use Snoop on the LPA account. I’ve easily added the LPA account to the Snoop app but that means Explore is meaningless, showing 2 people’s transactions.

Are there plans to be able to group accounts together and have Explore show results for the group rather than all?

I’d prefer to keep all in one Snoop account which would then show, when it’s implemented, transfers between known accounts or would it be better to use Duo to have 2 Snoop apps installed?

LPA Lasting Power of Attorney. The person is fully aware what I’m doing and I show them all their transactions on the phone, they think it’s fantastic to be able to do that.

Hi @ToBAS - I understand what you mean.

We are considering making changes in future to let you filter specific accounts in certain analysis views and totals that we provide.

However, this won’t go as far as having an entirely separate ‘profile’, which is what I think you are describing, where all of our features could be separated out between accounts.

I’d love to hear from any other customers who might find that feature useful?

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