Joint accounts

Hello, it would be great to have the function for a joint snoop account.

Me and the Mrs have a joint shopping list (Bring… I’ve told you about that one before) and use the Gmail joint calendar function too.

It would be excellent to have the ability to have a shared account so that we could review snoops for joint finances.

But probably also have the ability to pin a private snoop just in case I ever learn how to be romantic and wanted to use a snoop tip to get a present or some sort of surprise

Hi Dec - Paul here. :slight_smile:
Not sure if this works for you - but the way Mrs L and I run it is she has Snoop on her phone with our joint account and her own account. And then I have it on my phone with our joint account and my own account. That way we can both see the joint account and get Snoops on that plus get Snoops for our own account. That way if I want a private Snoop (I used one for Valentines Day) I can pin on my phone and Mrs L can’t see it. Does that make sense? Would that approach work for you? Paul

Hey Paul,

The way you describe does work…in terms of tracking finances, I was thinking from snoops side of things.

Hi Paul,

It does work… I was thinking of the scenario for Snoop sharing.

If you have separate snoop accounts, over time the algorithm is going to send you different snoops based on your spending rigtt?

So if a Snoop appears in your feed that you think might be good for both of you, and doesn’t appear in Mrs Ls feed… Then you would need to share the Snoop via an alternative method:

Email / WhatsApp / or via face to face communication with eye contact and actual use of the larynx (yeah right, what is this 1996?)

In a ‘joint snoop’ account, if you pin the Snoop, when Mrs L logs in it appears in her pins too.

I think it’s slightly different to what you describe?


1- Mr L sees Snoop which benefits the L’s

2- Mr L pins snoop

3- Mrs L picks up phone


Mrs L sends a message to Mr L asking why he forgot to put the dishwasher and to tell him off about it


Before typing the message, Mrs L sees the Snoop notification and opens

4-Mrs L is chuffed with the Snoop. It wasn’t in her feed and she wouldn’t have known about it, forgets about Mr L’s slapdash attitude to dishwasher etiquette

I suppose above might be an exception as the joint account part should trigger the same snoops.

You could also have a function for sharing directly to other snoopers (rather than a ‘share via x’).

Anyway leave it with you. Good luck.

Hi Dec - you have an uncanny insight into the world of Mr and Mrs L! That made me smile (as it actually does happen in our house). Right now I’m with you - we are definitely building the ability to share via WhatsApp but you are advocating sharing via a shared Pinned Board. Interesting! I will chat to the team about it - it’s a very interesting idea. Thanks for sharing (and for making me smile). Hope you’re enjoying the Beta - lots more to come in the weeks to come…