Manually entering account

Will we be able to manually add accounts? I use cash and also have a car on finance that I’d like to add. Thanks

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Hi @Dickymint - we’re working on the add manual accounts feature right now. It’ll be part of our new subscription product which will be ready in the first part of next year. But if you want to be added to the Snoop Plus Free Trial (which is running until the new subscription product launches) you’re welcome to be added to the wait list? If you’re on the trial, the new features will drop into the app when they’re ready - and we’re targeting end of this year for adding manual accounts.

Just drop us a line at if this is something you’d like to do?

Many thanks

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Whilst the manual account adds if you dont have the app but this becomes a problem when you have multiple logins for a bank - say you have a joint account under a different login than you personal account. this currently requires you to delete the app and then proceed with the manual process and then add the app again. this is also even more furstrating when you have to reconnect or the ap loses your connection.
Solution: ask if you want to go straight to the app or the banks login page.

Hi @leemole67 - we don’t actually control if the bank takes you to their app or their web based process. For each bank, we call their API (think of this as their front door) and they then have their own logic as to how to handle this request.

Often, they will default to open their app if it’s present on the device. Sometimes they may open the online banking process even if they think an app is present. This is in their control.

We have now added bank account management from our Web App. So you can always connect to your Snoop account via a desktop device here as this often bypasses app defaults (again the exact process depends on the bank).

One thing though - in the past we did support multiple log-ins per bank, however we had to change this a few months back. Right now, if you log-on to the same bank via a different set of log-in credentials, it will stop the first set from updating. You will see a message in app whenever you try and add/reconnect accounts to remind you to always select all the accounts at once.


Paul, will you be bringing back multiple log-ins per bank? I have a Santander and a Cahoot account but your app doesnt allow for this to remain current as your app thinks its the same bank. Lee

We really hope to be able to offer this again in future @leemole67. There are several usecases where this is useful, such as your Santander and Cahoot example.

I will update here if we are able to bring this back.